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The Seaside Condo

Relaxation Personified

In order to provide prospective buyers with a sense of unparalleled tranquility and convenience, we decided to use muted blues and seaside inspired tones throughout. Not only is this wonderful unit located directly by the sea, it now embodies all of the qualities that a perfect beach home should.


Working with superstar Realtor Cindy Russell, we were able to transform this property from a house to a home.

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All items are unique and made of the highest quality.

To bring the Chateau Great Room home, click on the furniture items below to view each item in detail and purchase.

Norma's Note:

Below you will find images that were taken prior to any of our staging work being conducted. Norma Jean Home Design and Cindy Russell wanted to highlight the many positive aspects and quirks of this unique property. 

We were successful in doing so, thanks in large part to the use of our wonderful stock of furniture and home decor accents. If you are interested in transforming your property so that it sells faster, contact us today!


We Do the Dirty Work!

Not only did we work on staging, we also repaired and repainted damaged drywall to make sure that the condo shone bright like the sea. Our team focused on brightening the condo and reducing visible holes and scrapes to better entice potential buyers. Your home should reflect a vision for the buyer and we work hard around the clock to make sure this rings true in each and every room.


Below you will find examples of some repair work that was completed on the Seaside Condo property, which is a result of the extra TLC the team at Norma Jean Home Design is known for!